Age Of Soccer

Age of Soccer (TM) is a fast, fun card battling game for 3-6 players, aged 8+.

The “beautiful game” meets ancient mythology in the tactical board-based card game Age of Soccer as victory depends on getting the right balance between your player and action cards as well as a healthy dose of good fortune from the ancient deities. Will the deities reward their favourite players with divine powers? Or will they favour your opponents? Only time and skill will tell.

Age of Soccer is a card and hand management style game. Players are tasked with building their team’s strength by recruiting new player cards in addition to adding powerful action cards to help influence a match and defeat opponents.

At the beginning of your turn, you must choose between strengthening your squad with new player cards or strengthening your hand with new action cards. Players use special training cards to help train their team or cause trouble for their opponents. Then players battle opposing teams using special match cards, trying to defeat them and gain a vital trophy.

Once a player has defeated all other teams in the game, he is crowned the champion of Age of Soccer.


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